2. Corporate original

Are you satisfied with the English
speaking skills of your Vietnamese staff?
Sure, they can write in English but

  • Sales force too passive in face-to-face selling to foreigners?

  • Customer service suffering from frequent miscommunication?

  • Team meetings too long because of countless misunderstandings?

  • Spending too much on training staff in English and
    not getting the expected results?

How we can help you

2. Corporate original

offers customized
English pronunciation
and speaking courses
to train your Vietnamese
management and staff
to communicate better
in English.

  • Give the right first impression

    Give the right first impression

  • Boost staff confidence

    Boost staff confidence

  • Bridge the culture gap

    Bridge the culture gap

  • Build trust with foreigners

    Build trust with foreigners

  • Proactively seek sales opportunities

    Proactively seek sales opportunities

  • Improve customer service

    Improve customer service

How our courses differ from traditional English training


on pronunciation, no unnecessary
training in grammar or vocabulary


curriculum to fit any industry


at Vietnamese speakers of English with specific curriculum to correct their speaking errors

Mixed ability groups

without differentiation in levels of English


one-off courses without lengthy commitments

Immediate results

activating students’ existing knowledge

How everybody benefits

  • how everybody benefits -business 1200x800

    your BUSINESS will enjoy

    INCREASED sales

    ENHANCED team productivity through

    – quick and effective team meetings in English
    – Vietnamese staff being able to handle phone and Skype calls

    IMPROVED customer experience in

    – complaint handling
    – guest entertainment
    – customer service on-board and call-centers

    SAVINGS by eliminating unnecessary training and long-term contracts

  • how everybody benefits -employees 1200x800

    your EMPLOYEES will


    ACQUIRE essential core listening and speaking skills through discovering the differences between the sounds of English (verbal language) and Vietnamese (tonal language)

    ACTIVATE their existing grammar and vocabulary knowledge and intelligibly express ideas in speaking

    GAIN confidence to speak to foreigners

    BE ABLE to learn on the job (from English-speaking customers, suppliers, expat managers, etc.) with newly acquired skills

    BECOME active sellers through better communication

  • how everybody benefits - HR 1200x800

    your HR DEPARTMENT will


    RETAIN skilled staff better by offering meaningful and practical training to employees which they will appreciate more

    ACHIEVE greater results in professional training held in English

    VERIFY results of the courses by comparing pre-course and post-course video assessments

    MONITOR employee performance through continuous progress analysis

    ORGANIZE classes very quickly since students are not separated into groups based on their level of English

What our clients say about the Sonus courses

Piaggio Vietnam were very satisfied with the Sonus training of their HCMC staff. Let's hear about their biggest personal gains...

Which companies we have helped


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Shouldn’t your company be next?

How we deliver the classes

100% native speaker teachers

speaking with an American accent

Course duration

Foundation: 28 hrs (14 lessons)
Advanced: 16 hrs (8 lessons)

Lesson scheduling

2 hours per session
2 sessions/week

teaching assistant

to guarantee students’ understanding

Class size

maximum 20 students

Minimum English required

CEF A2/low pre-intermediate


on-site, at the customer’s location

How our students learn during the courses

2. Corporate original
    • Foundation course: accuracy
    • Advanced course: fluency
  • SYSTEMATIC and COMPREHENSIVE COURSE focused on contrasting correct English pronunciation with incorrect Vietnamese mispronunciations
  • PRACTICE SPEAKING in class with games & activities (pairs and groups) 
  • INDIVIDUAL FEEDBACK in class and on each student’s homework assignments
  • WEALTH of RESOURCES for home practice
    (samples only, please click HERE to register to download the full package):

    • Student Folder with practice texts, useful diagrams and tips (sample) 
    • Audio files accompanying the Student Folder (sample)

We are here to help you, contact us

SONUS VIETNAM English Service Company Limited (reg. no. 0313411054)

Office: Saigon Trade Center, #1901, 37 Ton Duc Thang, district 1, HCMC

Tel: +84 (0) 903 901 608
Email: ​info@sonus-vn.com

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